Sunday, January 21, 2007

OLSD Board of Trustees to take up No Smoking Policy

The Olentangy School Board is planning to take up policy on smoking on District property at its meeting on Tuesday evening.

With the resounding passage of the no smoking issue in November it would be a positive move by the board to establish a strict policy prohibiting smoking on all school property.

Meanwhile, former School Board member Jim Fedako slammed Ohio State in The Dispatch for its small ROI in licensing revenues from its investment in research. Fedako's comments are incredibly short-sighted given that assessing immediate financial return on such things as research doesn't take the long-term benefits of such research into account.

I recommend a visit to OSU's Research web site to get a better gauge on the work that's taking place at OSU. Reading Fedako's comments bring a sigh of relief that he's no longer influencing the education policy for the Olentangy schools. I doubt if Fedako's employer, JP Morgan, appreciates his slam on OSU as well. Fedako is also blogging if you're interesting in reading his observations.

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