Thursday, September 20, 2007

Olentangy School Board Election

Below is the list of candidates who have filed for the upcoming Olentangy Local School District Board of Education election in November:

Olentangy Local School District - Full Term Beginning 01/01/08
Stacy Dunbar - 9298 Auburn Ct., Powell 43065
Scott D. Galloway, 8792 Sedona Dr., Lewis Center 43035
Mark William Iannotta - 5908 Shadow Creek Dr., Westerville 43082
Eric Kunar - 6599 Lilac Ln., Powell 43065
Erick Logan - 4082 East Bay Cir., Lewis Center 43035
Dimon McFerson, 2524 Deseret Dr., Powell 43065
Jennifer Smith - 5149 Polar Dr., Lewis Center 43035

Olentangy School District - Unexpired Term Ending 12/31/09
Julie Feasel, 7636 Holderman St., Lewis Center 43035

Scott Galloway is an incumbant who was appointed by the board in 2006. Dimon McFerson is a former member of the board who resigned due to health concerns last year. Mr. McFerson has continued to serve as a Trustee at Ohio State and is a former President of the Board of Education.

Jennifer Smith has been littering cars with her flyers since the beginning of the school year and has stated an anti-tax position in a recent letter to This Week newspaper. Stacy Dunbar works with Ashland, Inc. and has been a volunteer for Olentangy for Kids.

Mark William Iannotta is a Columbus lawyer.

I'll be adding more information on the candidates for this very important election throughout the fall so stay tuned.

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