Sunday, August 12, 2007

Those MAD MEN of 1960

I have become a quick fan of the new series Mad Men on (of all things) AMC. If you haven't seen it, the show takes place circa 1960 and surrounds the work and lives of the people at a New York Ad Agency.

1960 is such an interesting place in our history and the plot through the first four episodes weaves this in effortlessly from the Agency taking on the Nixon campaign as a client to "the pill" to the suburban culture that was developing in the first 15 years after WWII.

The characters are complex and the writing so far has been exceptional. It's quickly become appointment viewing (Thursday at 10 PM to watch live or to TIVO).


Paul Levinson said...

I've become a fan, too - great, really original series. Double Mad Men

mikej said...

great show. good recommendation. closest you'll ever find to film noir on tv--nice change of format. To think that this came from the creators of the Sopranos...