Monday, June 25, 2007

Press Freedom in Russia

To The blogger formerly known as Anonymous:

Civility is appreciated...

Over the course of writing I'll be sure to consider all things in the scope of my interests including media coverage and the like -- and will point to times when NPR, PBS and others have dropped the ball.

On the positive side, I would like to share this past weekend's edition of WNYC's On The Media that discussed the state of press freedom in Russia. It was a fascinating program.

A comment on the OTM web site from Irina Pecherskaya about says it all:
I have lived the first half of my life in the USSR and the second half in the USA. I am simply amazed at this show. For the whole hour there have been no statement, qualification, attitude or representation that I, as a "native", would find uninformed, missing the point or overlooking a subtlety of the modern life in Russia. I think your interview with Mamontov is simply a gem. Thank you, I learned something new about my country from your show. I am also very impressed by the choices of speakers - very broad spectrum and very representative. And the bards segment... all the right names were mentioned, including the modern reigning King of the Bards (isn't he a sweetheart?). Bravo!

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