Monday, June 18, 2007

Karra Barber on Autism After Childhood

In today's San Francisco Chronicle, author Kerra Barber offered a very informative op-ed piece on the need for states to provide insurance for medical coverage for those diagnosed with autism specitrum disorders.

Two very interesting quotes from the piece:
Currently, 80 percent of autistic Americans are under age 18.

South Carolina is the only state in the country with an enforceable autism insurance initiative.
Ms. Barber also asks:
Who will be responsible for preparing our children to function in society? Are there life-skill programs or workability courses available to them in our community? Will they have the skills, abilities and resources to further their education if they so choose and are able? If not, will they be prepared and accepted into the workplace as productive and independent members of the community? And, of course, there is the million-dollar question, perhaps literally: Will they be ready and able to live independently?

The frightening part of this is that 80 percent of autistic Americans are under the age of 18. And with every 1 in 150 children diagnosed with the autistic disorder spectrum the societal impact could be enormous.

Parents of autistic children know that we won't live forever, all we're looking for (praying for) is a safety net to ensure that autistic children as they grow into adult hood will have the resources they need into the future.

Ms. Barber is also the author of "Living Your Best Life With Asperger's Syndrome."

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