Monday, June 04, 2007

Acts of Leadership

Johnnie Moore just posted a great link to a short blog piece from Phil Dourado who writes:

Acts of leadership like this one are in fact collaborations in which people take turns to lead. The myth of 'the leader' stops us recognizing this obvious truth. Stop viewing leadership through the lens of 'the leader'. Start thinking 'acts of leadership' rather than 'leader' and you are better equipped to help build an organization, team or unit full of acts of collaborative leadership

Some inspiring thoughts indeed.


Anonymous said...

What crap. I'll have to forward this to Gen. Caslen at USMA West Point--he enjoys a good laugh.

Tim Eby said...

Phil Dourado adds in an additional blog post quoting from Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman:

"As the sociologist Max Weber argued a century ago, institutions that endure thrive not because of one leader’s charisma, but because they cultivate leadership throughout the system."

Anonymous said...

Gee-how profound.

What you and dopey (well, dopier) Phil describes is "teamwork", not "leadership". All members of a team are expected to perform at a level of competence that is set by the leader. In the private sector, this is called "continued employment".

If a member within a team innovates outside of the expectation schema that the leader has created, in a way that benefits the team; or a member successfully and independently manages a discrete set of tasks (that may include other team members), then that member has shown leadership.

You cannot call role competence within a team "leadership". It's silly. It's feel-good nonsense for followers who want to feel like leaders.

Your dopey friend's musings on this topic are just dumb. But I love the corny quotes, so continue to post the.

What we have here are followers who fancy themselves as leaders, so they redefine "leadership"