Saturday, May 12, 2007

I've been talking up the idea of Enterprise 2.0 within my work and elsewhere. Here's a great presentation that help demonstrate the idea.

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The vulnerability here, however, is data warehousing. All of your project team's data is collected on various servers you don't control. Then there are issues of service disruption; hackers; and the confusion that accompanies the decentralization of process and communication.

Many of these ideas and technologies sprung up from the greater Linux/ Open Standards software community. It's an amazing study in global collaboration that works on this model because it was designed to be decentralized. It's completely democratic and completely Darwinian in its approach so only the best ideas make it into the applications that go into Linux distributions. And it's all free. A complete, STABLE operating system and office suite; the most advanced internet and networking tools, etc. Linux, in my opinion, is light years ahead of Microsoft in the most crucial areas. The office suite is not as polished, but it's about 85% "there". Other than that, it's really, really, good stuff.