Saturday, April 07, 2007


I just discovered a Twitter-like site that takes the Twitter concept much further by allowing members to import in blogs,photos, and (even) Twitter feeds into page.

It's call Jaiko and it's developed by a bunch of Fins in Helsinki -- it's pretty cool. The nice thing is that you can write your Twitter comment and it imports it right in.

The one thing that I do see a need for them to adjust is to set up a time zone option as it's showing me doing things tomorrow -- a bit of a time warp thing.

It's fun -- although the name isn't as much fun as Twitter!

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Ton said...

Hi Tim,
I started using Jaiku a few months before Twitter, last september. I find I enjoy the information richness of Jaiku better. I hated the Twitter SMS-thing, so switched that off after an hour or so.

What I like about Jaiku most is that it comes with a mobile client as well, allowing you to take your social networking platform with you in to the physical world.

At the start I added my Twitter feed to Jaiku as well, but all that twittering drove my friends in Jaiku crazy so I removed it again. :)

Enjoy your Easter weekend!