Friday, August 25, 2006

On the Road back to School

olentangy river road part I
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  • This is a photo (thanks katie.m) of a drive along Olentangy River Road in southern Delaware Country.

To me, the road is a nice way of getting back on routine of school for our three kids.

Kelci started high school yesterday which is really amazing... considering that it seems like only yesterday that she was taking her first steps.

McKenzie is fascinating about how she has so easily gotten back into the swing of things. For her, 5th Grade is no sweat... but she says that its 6th Grade (Middle School) that she's frightened because, as she says, "They have GRADES!!!" Knowing her fears is helpful since we have a year to work through it.

For Lindsey... it's a social thing... maybe this will be the year that things click for her.

In any case, it will be a journey this year unlike one I've never taken with turns I would have never expected. I'll keep driving with the headlights on and trying to look ahead.... although the view from the rear view mirror is much easier.

Just a final note of thanks to the teachers of our kids... they truly are very special and are dedicated to our kids.

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