Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today I could see first hand the power of Web 2.0 -- although "power" may be somewhat overstating what took place today.

While on my way in to work listening to Morning Edition, Renee Montagne interviewed an OSU professor (who is also a blogger) about this e-mail chain letter suggesting a boycott of ExxonMobil to help bring down gas prices.

Okay... OSU prof on Morning Edition... that's pretty cool. Once I arrive in the office, I Google search and find this guy's blog and what's he been writing about? ... of course... his experience of being interviewed by NPR.

Well that's interesting ... so just for the heck of it I send a quick e-mail to Mara Liasson who's hosting NPR's "Mixed Signals" blog this week. I tell her about this guy (his name is Tim Haab) writing about the interview experience.

Throughout the day I occasionally check in to both Tim's and the NPR blog just to see if anything is happening...

Tim's blog is getting some comments from people saying how much they liked the interview, and then this afternoon Mara posts what I sent to her about Tim. This leads to more comments to float in on Tim's (not me but the other Tim) blog with the link back to the NPR post.

It was a fascinating circle to watch and will be interesting to see where it will end (maybe it will somehow get around to me posting the story on all of this?).

My only disappointment was that I e-mailed Mr. Haab as well mentioning how I enjoyed the interview and I haven't heard back from him. Hope all this notoriety hasn't left our professor with an inflated ego...

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