Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Keeping our Eye on the Ball

Several public radio station leaders spent the day today discussing the merits, or rather the lack of merit, in NPR's renewed deal with Sirius Satellite Radio.

A few calmer voices were added to the mix but to spend a whole lot of time debating the issue is really taking our eye off the ball. This is not the discussion we need to be having.

Instead, we should be having a discussion regarding taking the work of the Digital Distribution Consortium Working Group from a White Paper to reality. Also, check our Jake's interview with Current and Dennis' blog post Calling The Question.

Instead of spending time rehashing Satellite Radio Strategy, we should be outraged by the decision by the Copyright Royalty Board regarding streaming rates that could result in a severe curtailing to any music streaming on the web and puts into question what will they do if we ever get to a discussion regarding Podcasting.

Rather than discussing the merits of XM or Sirius as friend of foe, wouldn't it be better time spent focusing on how to make your local station more relevant to your community?

We need to keep our eye on the ball or we'll strike out before the season even begins.

Go Cubs!